Unhappy construction worker paying the taxes

Unhappy construction worker destining all the money to taxes and left with coins for tuition and none for vacations

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Construction worker deciding about the money

Construction worker deciding if the money will be used to pay tax obligations or used for personal vacations

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Unhappy construction worker holding to tax money

Unhappy construction worker holding-on to tax money and dreaming with what else he could do with it

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Two men shaking hands on an agreement

Overhead view of two men sitting at a table decorated with colorful yellow sunflowers shaking hands on an agreement, view of their hands and a laptop

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Rolled 20 Dollars with Rubber Isolated on White

Close up Bunch of 20 US Dollar Paper Bill Rolled with Rubber, Isolated on White Background.

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Golden dollar coins spilling from a bag

Golden dollar coins spilling from a hessian bag onto a background of US dollar bills with focus to the coins conceptual of wealth, winnings, growth returns, success, graft or money laundering concept

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Conceptual Sand with Stars, Poker Chips and Cards

Gambling on Vacation Concept – White Sand with Yellow Stars, Colored Poker Chips and Four Ace Cards.

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Conceptual Hand Holding Dollar Bills and Passport

Passport Fee Concept – Human Hand Holding a Fan of 100 US Dollar Paper Bills and Travel Passport on Top of a White Table.

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Bundled dollar banknotes, different denominations

Bundled dollar banknotes in different denominations of 20-50-100 stacked on a background of US dollar bills in a financial concept

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